Ahmad Madoun

is a Syrian artist born in 1941 in Palmyra where he had completed his elementary school study before he moved to Safita city at the Syrian coastal area. Having completed his high school study, he was assigned on a scholarship to Egypt to study Trade & Economics.

According to a statement he made during a press interview, Mr.Madoun specified the beginning of his artistic life in 1956 the date when he first started to paint countryside scenes indulging the very primitive taste of his fellow countrymen. Mr.Madoun then developed another skill through plastic drawing using the symbols of nature around. The city of Palmyra, in its capacity as the birth place of Mr.Madoun, had always been the main source of the naturalistic and the artistic taste in the drawings he made. Those genuine arts of Palmyra, which almost lived up to perfection, had been the resourceful inspiration to the artistic experience of Mr.Madoun.

A stage of comprehension 1961-1976

Having completed his studies at Cairo University, Mr.Madoun was issued his B.Sc. in Commerce and was then delegated to Japan to study Computer Science. There was a climax in the sequence of events as Tokyo hosted a private exhibition of Mr.Madoun in 1967. Upon arrival in Syria, Mr.Madoun worked in the Statistics Central Office, then he left to Kuwait to work in an oil company for two years.

A Stage of artistic maturity and fame

A number of positions was occupied by Mr.Madoun in different ministries. He was first appointed to work in the Cabinet, then he was transferred to the Ministry of Culture to work as "Director to Fine Arts" and later as "Manager to Adham Isma'eel Centre for Fine Arts" following a course in Britain on the principles of teaching children how to draw. 
Mr.Madoun was a teacher to a number of well-known Syrian artists, yet for so many years no exhibitions were organized in Syria by Mr.Madoun to demonstrate his own drawings. According to his own viewpoint and statement, Mr.Madoun believed that the reason behind these long years of non-exhibition was his own belief that he had not reached at that time the artistic level that satisfies his conviction that "Art is life which is art in itself". That is why not a single drawing was exhibited for a period of fifteen years. 
Syrian heritage and the countryside environment of Palmyra are always there in the drawings of Mr.Madoun who had always been trying to reach out to those glorious arts that once flourished in the ancient days of prosperity of Palmyra. To come to this aim, he used "art as means to catch up with passing away moments of time" which is a sentence used by the late artist Waleed Izzat. 
The first exhibition to host the drawings of Mr.Madoun was one organized by a number of artists in1972. He however began to organize exhibitions of his own drawings in 1976. 
Mr.Madoun passed away early at the age of 42 in17/5/1983 by a car accident that for the sudden stopped the flow of his distinguished style in his artistic career. 

Exhibitions of drawings of Mr.Madoun are listed herebelow

  • The 1st exhibition was in Damascus in 04.03.1976 at Ornina Gallery.
  • The 2nd exhibition was also in Damascus in 21.05.1977 again at Ornina Gallery.
  • The 3rd exhibition was in Aleppo in 01.04.1978 at the National Museum.
  • The 4th exhibition was in Damascus in 20.11.1979 at the French Cultural Centre.
  • The 5th exhibition was at Constanza Museum of Arts in Romania in 1979.
  • The 6th exhibition was at the Arabic Cultural Centre in Damascus in 26.02.1983.

Exhibitions held in commemoration of Mr.Madoun

  • An exhibition at the Arabic Cultural Centre in Damascus in 26.06.1983.
  • An exhibition at the Arabic Cultural Centre in Homs in 07.07.1984
  • An exhibition at Ashtar Gallery in Damascus in 05.10.1995.
  • An exhibition at the Spanish Cultural Centre in Damascus in 01.03.2001.
  • An exhibition at the Free Hand Gallery in Damascus in 06.03.2007.
  • Calendar 2009.
  • An exhibition at Khan Asa'ad Basha 12/10/2008
  • Calender established in 2009
  • An exhibition at Galleri Brynastorget-Kulturum Gavle,Sweden 27-10-2015